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The 74th uniform when part of the 1st Light Infantry battalion. Look for updates in this section.
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The 74th in the 1st Light Infantry Battalion


The Light Company, commanded by Captain Campbell of Balnabie and the Grenadier Company, commanded by Captain Ludovick Colquhoun of Luss, arrived at New York on 23 March 1779. The detached flank companies served with the 1st Grenadier battalion and the 1st Light Infantry battalions. They campaigned with Sir Henry Clinton on his expedition to South Carolina (December 1779 – June 1780) which resulted in the capture of Charlestown and the surrender of a significant American army. The Light Company was part of General Phillips' army that landed in March 1781 in Virginia. They served in the entire Virginia Campaign which culminated at the surrender of Cornwallis' army at Yorktown on 19 October 1781.

When the flank companies arrived in New York they would have been in full Highland Dress. Both Flank companies wore bonnets like the Battalion company. Highlanders were steadfast in the wanting to wear bonnets over Grenadier or Light Infantry helmets. Inspection returns for the 74 th list only bonnets.

English officers often had a distain for Highlanders. Because of this, as well as the need for a form of dress that was better for fighting in rough wooden country, Highlands were issued overalls. Plaids became their blankets. With their dress changed they were also issued knapsacks.

Light Company member, Southern Campaign.


Light Company members, on Campaign. 

Light Company drummer on Campaign. 

Light Company drummer on Campaign. 

Light Company drummer on Campaign. 



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