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There is a lot of great information out there regarding the 74th Highland Regiment and Scottish Regiments during the American War for Independence in general. We will being posting interesting articles in this area and hope to update this page with as much new information as we can. So stop back some time!
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1779 account for outfitting a highland regiment

GB/NNAF/C26081 Bundles 260-9 The under is an Estimate for Cloathing a Highland Regiment of Foot 1779 per Nicholas Pearse & Son

A Serjeants Scarlet cloth Jacket lined 1/12/0 dito white ditto waiscoat 0/12/9 ditto shirt 0/5/6 ditto shoes 0/4/3 ditto bonnet 0/1/2 ditto Plaid 12 yds 26 inches wide at 1/9 per yard (Every other year) 1/1/0 ditto Kilt 4 yds 22 inches wide at 1/6 per yard (As Wanted) 0/6/0 ditto 4 pr hose each 3/4 yds 26 inches wide is 3 yards at 1/9 per yard 0/5/3 Serjeants at 4/7/11

A Private Red cloth Jacket lined 0/16/6 dito white ditto waiscoat 0/5/6 ditto shirt 0/3/8 1/2 ditto shoes 0/4/3 ditto bonnet 0/1/0 ditto Plaid 12 yds 26 inches wide at 1/2 per yard (Every other year) 0/14/0 ditto Kilt 4 yds 22 inches wide at 1/0 per yard (As Wanted) 0/4/0 ditto 4 pr hose each 3/4 yds 26 inches wide is 3 yards at 1/3 per yard 0/3/9 Privates 2/11/8 1/2

A Grenadiers red cloth Jackett 0/15/9 Waistcoat, shirt, shoes etc as Private 1/16/2 1/2 Grenadiers 2/11/11 1/2

A Drummers Jackett, on an Average 2/0/0 Waistcoat, shirt, shoes etc as private 1/16/2 1/2 Sling 0/6/0 Drummers 4/2/2 1/2 A corporals epaulett at two Shillings Light Infantry Serjeants, same as Battn Serjeants only have a Scarlet waistcoat laced 1/6 more than white. Light Infantry Drummers, Same as Battalion Drummers only have a laced waistcoat, Same colour as the facings, if yellow 2/6 more. Light Infantry Private man, Same as Battalion only have a red waistcoat laced 0/8 more than white. Plades every other year. Kilts as wanted. The men pay one half for tartan hose. Bonnets annually. Shoes and hose ditto. Besides the above the Colonel allows 0/15 for Rollers 0/4 for Garters and 0/1 1/2 per pair for making up the hose.

An Eyewitness to the 74th

Here are some clothing/uniform/personal items issued to the Regiment at Fort George in Maine:
Blue strouting
Linen sheeting
Regt buttons, w thread, silk& twists
Striped Holland linen
White men's silk stockings
Check handkerchiefs
Black hair ribbon
Printed or bordered handkerchiefs
Hair powder, one half scented
Paisley Gauze
Hard pomatum
Military shoes
Cakes, patent blacking
Fine shoes and boots
Women's and children's leather shoes
Russia drabs
Thread of different kinds
Huck-a-bag for towels
Pins, needles and ribbons
Russia sheeting
Clothes brushes
Felt hats
Shoe buckle brushes
Canvass hats
Tooth brushes
Military socks
White jane, sorted
Round white hats
Brown jane for breeches
  Kilmarnock gloves
Manchester pattercoats
Kilmarnock caps
Plain & striped demity for waistcoats
Soldier white shirts, ruffled fronts
Check shirts
Military cocked castor hats, fine
Worsted cold stockings
Black round hats
White worsted cold stocking
Napery (for diapers?)
Thread stockings
White flannel
Tartan for plaids, hose and kilts
English & Russia duck
Bonnets, garters and stocks
Printed cotton Cambrick
Printed linen
Manchester stuff for gowns, vests, etc
. Ivory and horn combs
Shirts, ruffled ready made of linen
Millinery, sorted
Irish linen
Superfine wool scarlet cloth
Superfine wool yellow cloth
Blue wool cloth for Officers great coats
Superfine uniform and scarlet rattinetts
Silver single button hole lace
Silver epaulets



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