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  • History of the Bonnet

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    There is a lot of great information out there regarding the 74th Highland Regiment and Scottish Regiments during the American War for Independence in general. We will being posting interesting articles in this area and hope to update this page with as much new information as we can.
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  • Places where 74th Officers were stationed

    Penobscot, Maine
    St. Johnís Island (now Prince Edward Island, Canada)
    Jameís River
    Spanish River (oversee coal deposits)
    New York
    Scotland (recruiting)
    Smidy Green (may be a ship?)
    Snow Molly (is a ship)
    Quebec City
    Southern Campaign (flank coys, various places)
    Allegence (sloop of war)

    Battalion troops were also assigned to act as Marines on board certain ships sailing out of Penobscot.


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