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    This is the members' page of 74th Highland Regiment.



The Regimental Bylaws

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  1. Resolved, that this organization shall henceforth be known as the 74 th Regiment of Foot, Argyll Highlanders.




  1. Any person, sixteen (16) years of age or older, agreeing to the terms of enlistment, shall be Considered eligible for membership as a solider or campfollower. Persons under the age of sixteen (16), will also be considered for membership but shall be restricted to participation as musicians or campfollowers.   

  1. Whereas history has shown that very few females were able to pass as male and field as asolider, any female, wishing to portray a solider, must, by all uniformed appearances, be male.

  1. The female campfollower shall adhere to the appropriate sections of Appendix IV and all of Appendix V.


  1. Each candidate for membership shall be interviewed by a member in an effort to evaluate their  qualifications, attitudes, and interests in the past and future of the Regiment.  The names of those candidates receiving the approval of the interviewer shall be made public knowledge to the regiment members, so that any member may approach the Regiment with any pertinent information concerning an approved candidate.

  1. At a regular or special meeting of the regiment, provided the candidate’s name has been made known for not less than seven (7) days, with the approval of the Regiment, shall make application to the regiment for membership in thye same. A two-thirds affirmative vote of the members present is needed for acceptance.


  1. Candidates who receive affirmation by the regiment, and who read and understand these By-Laws of the regiment, and who affix their signature to the enlistment agreement of the Regiment, shall be granted probationary membership, for a one (1) year period. They shall be  granted the rank of recruit/ campfollower, with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of all members EXCEPT , he/she (recruits) may not appear in uniform at any event without the approval of the Sergeant, and shall not appear under arms without the approval of the Safety and Training Officers.  Probationary members are not eligible to hold an elective office nor can they vote.  At the end of the probationary period, membership may be terminated for failure to comply with Appendix V – Criteria for Regimental Membership.  Termination must be mad by a quorm vote of the Regiment.



  1. Advancement of the recruit to the rank of private should be expedient as his/ her own abilitiesAllow. The recruit shall

  1. obtain, at once, local firearms licenses.
  2. be responsible for knowledge of uniform and safety regulations:
  3. advise the N.C.O. monthly of their uniform progress:

  1. Each recruit member shall advance to the rank of private as soon as he/ she has received the following certifications:


  1. the safety and training officers are satisfied with his/ her knowledge of safe handling procedures with all weapons, and his/ her knowledge of all phases of our manual and marching procedures.
  2. the N.C.O. is satisfied with the accuracy of their clothing and their general knowledge of regimental history.

  1. Upon receipt of these credentials, the regiment will confer upon the recruit the rank of private in In the 74th Regiment of Foot, Light Infantry Company.         



  1. Each recruit member upon acceptance, and all other members, shall be assessed $25.00 dues per year to cover organizational and promotional costs. Yearly dues are to be rendered to the Treasurer, on or before January 31.
  2. New recruits, upon acceptance, will be expected to pay $50.00 (lump sum or installment payments) to cover initial uniform material issue and equipment material (wool, Linen, etc.).
  3. Expenses for trips, joint purchases, etc., shall be the responsibility of each member.  Any monetary awards for appearances by the Regiment, either as a whole or fractionary number, shall be wholly deposited in to the Regimental Account for future regimental costs.


This article has been repealed.


This article has been repealed.



Uniform, Clothing and Equipment Regulations

(1)    As determined by the Historical Committee, the uniform of the 74TH Regiment shall consist of the following items:



One (1), Highland design, knitted, with red green and white diced band, blocked to shape with   regimental button affixed to center of cockade (black). The Officer’s bonnet to have smaller diced band than that of enlisted and NCOs. 


To consist of at least one (1) black ostrich plum; additional feathers to be of the type common to the area of service. Officers and musicians to accumulate as many ostrich plumes as deems proper.


One (1) wig, natural in color to one’s own hair; if individual’s hair is of proper length in a late war campaign cut (I.e., enough hair to draw back and tie with a ribbon) wearing of natural color wig is not mandatory; wigs to be of proper length to dress, fold (campaign) and tie with a ribbon.

No facial hair will be tolerated; sideburns will not extend below the earlobes


One (1) horsehair, black, with brass hasp type securing device.


One (1) white linen (natural material), military style, to be kept clean in appearance at all times.


One (1) red wool, square cut with no skirts, two (2) welted pockets, with twelve (12) small regimental buttons, button holes to be laced with regimental pattern lace.

One (1) white linen, , two (2) flap pockets, with small regimental buttons numbering twelve, to be kept clean and neat at all times.


(No. 2 dress)

One (1) pair, white strong hemp linen fabric, Russia drilling, military style, having three (3) large and two (2) plain white metal buttons on front and five (5) small plain white metal buttons on each leg at ankle; leather securing straps to be affixed at the bottom of each leg to secure to shoes.


(No. 1 dress)

One (1), consisting of large set Black Watch (Government set) tartan, up to nine (9) yards in length, double wide woven, natural wool. One (1) plain leather sporran, regimental pattern.


(No. 1 dress)

One (1) pair, bag hose, hand sewn from woven red and white military material, natural wool.


One (1) Highland cut, natural wool broadcloth, lined with white wool bay, with regimental buttons throughout, fully laced, with laced wings. To be kept clean and neat at all times.


One (1) pair, black, 18th Century design; to be kept clean; with appropriate shoe buckles.

Musket and Equipment

Musket           One (1), Brown Bess Second Land Model, in good working order, ,75 cal.  Musket to have flash

                       guard (brass) affixed to lock and must have hammer stall (leather); also to have safe socket


Cartridge        One (1), black leather, with appropriate buckles; wood block contained inside to have ¾ inch

Box and          holes drilled in it, Rawl pattern.


Belly Box        One (1), black leather, with gold stamped cipher (GR 3) on flap; wood block to have eighteen

                       (18) ¾ inch holes drilled in it; proper black leather belt with appropriate brass buckle.

Sword Belt      One (1), black leather, with proper brass buckle, keeper and brass heart affixed to it; one

                       (1), opening at the lower end to accommodate bayonet/ hatchet/ broadsword.


Scabbard        One (1), black leather with proper brass tip and locket to hold safely and securely proper socket

                       bayonet, to have with it proper bayonet frog.

Hatchet           One (1), plain wood handle, proper size and design; to have safe and secure covering on it

                        at all times.

Canteen          One (1), tin, half-moon shape, proper size and design, with cord and stopper.

Musket            One (1), black leather with brass buckle, proper size and design.


Musket          One (1),  British military pattern.


Pick and        One (1), brass chain and brush with proper bristles.


Knapsack      One (1), painted linen of regimental design.

Haversack     One (1) linen, British military pattern. GR broad arrow marked on lower back corner.




  1. As determined by the Historical Committee, items below may be accumulated by regimental members:

  1.   Bonnet, blue, wool, knitted, (flat cap), plain.

  1. Wool felt hat, natural color.

  1. Breaches, one (10) pair, white linen, military style, having three (3) large and two (2) plain white metal buttons on front and five (5) small plain white metal buttons on each leg.

  1. Stockings, one (1) pair, white or off-white ribbed cotton or wool.

  1. Garters, one (1) pair, black leather, with appropriate buckles, to be worn under the knee over the stockings.

  1. Gaiters, one (1) pair, short, (mid-calf), black painted canvas, having seven (7) small plain white metal buttons on each; leather securing straps to be affixed at the bottom to secure to shoes.

  1. Cloak, military design, wool.

  1. Greatcoat, Civilian cut and design, wool.

  1. Highland Dress:
  • Small kilt, hand sewn, 18 th Century pattern, Government set, wool.
  • Broad sword 18 th Century pattern.
  • Dirk, 18 th Century pattern.
  • Squiandubh, 18 th Century pattern.
  • Steel pistol, 18 th Century pattern

  1. Wig, one (1), white in color, for formal occasions (formal occasions to be decided by a majority vote of the soldiers); enlisted men to have one (1) curl on each side, officers to have two (2) curls on each side; all wigs to braided and ends tucked up under the bonnet (flank company style); all formal events, as voted, will require all military personal to wear white wigs; length of personal hair not to be a factor; sideburns will not show when wearing white wig.


18th Century camp drawing

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