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There is a lot of great information out there regarding the 74th Highland Regiment and Scottish Regiments during the American War for Independence in general. We will being posting interesting articles in this area and hope to update this page with as much new information as we can.
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Must rolls of the Light Company of the 74th

First Name           Last Name                   Rank                                               Notes
Donald Campbell Captain

Died 18 Feb 1782

John Campbell Lieutenant
Colin Campbell Lieutenant Sick in NY in 1780-Wounded 5 Oct-Died Oct 1781
George Dunlop Lieutenant
Niel Carrie Serjeant Absent with Leave 1781
Alexander Mellar Serjeant
Donald McCallum Serjeant


Donald McLean (Jr?) Serjeant Sick 1780
Colin Campbell Serjeant Sick 1780
John McFarlane Corporal Reduced 23 Jan 1781
John Sinclair Corporal Reduced 3 Sep 1780
Donald McDonald Corporal Reduced 7 Jul 1781-Deserted 9 May 1783
James Dean Corporal
John Philby Corporal Sick 1780
John McAlfrin Drummer
John Kilpatrick Drummer
? Campbell Pvt
Donald Shaw (sr) Pvt Sick 1780
Alexander Campbell Pvt Sick-Promoted to CPL 5 Sep 1780
William Little Pvt Dies due to sickness 13 Sept 1780
Archibald McArthur Pvt
William Barrels Pvt Deserted 9 May 1783


Douglas Carswell Pvt
William Stewart Pvt
Duncan Furgason Pvt
Thomas Frame Pvt
Allan Jackson Pvt
Duncan McIntosh Pvt Discharged 24 Dec 1782
Alexander McCaroll Pvt Died 27 Nov 1782
Donald McLerran Pvt Deserted 9 May 1783
Archibald Campbell Pvt Sick 1780
James Slater Pvt
Alexander Torrey Pvt Died 14 Nov 1781
James Livingston Pvt Deserted 20 July 1781
Robert Jack Pvt
Donald Cameron Pvt
Roger Gilles Pvt
John McFarlane (Sr) Pvt Died 2 Sep 1780
Donald McGilvra Pvt
John Paton Pvt
Robert Pierce Pvt
Donald  Shaw (jr) Pvt
Alexander Cameron Pvt
Thomas Black Pvt
John Boyd Pvt Sick 1780- Deserted 9 May 1783
John Bain Pvt
William Buchannan Pvt Deserted 9 May 1783
John McIntyre (Sr) Pvt Died 10 Jan 1781
John Cameron Pvt Died 17 Nov 1781
Donald McGlafsrie Pvt
Archibald McLerran (Jr) Pvt Sick 1780
Alexander McKinven Pvt
Niel McFadyen Pvt
James Turnbull Pvt
John Allan Pvt
James Beynant Pvt Absent by Leave in 1781
Grigor Grant Pvt Killed 1 July 1781
William Minzies Pvt
Donald McLellan (Jr) Pvt Sick 1780
George Jeffords Pvt Died 21 Nov 1781
Colin McArthur Pvt
Colin Campbell Pvt
Charles Watt Pvt Promoted to Corporal 7 July 1781
James Perston Pvt
Donald McCrorie Pvt
John Gardner Pvt
John Ferguson Pvt Promoted to Corporal 27 Dec 1781
Niel McDonald Pvt Died 12 Nov 1781
John Brown Pvt Deserted 9 May 1783
John McFarlane (Jr) Pvt Sick 1780
John Morrison Pvt
John Buchannan Pvt Deserted 9 May 1783
Duncan McDougall Pvt Promoted to Corporal 4 Mar 1783
Angus McDonald Pvt Died 4 July 1782
Donald McLean (Sr) Pvt Died 28 July 1782
Gabriel Wilson Pvt Sick 1780
James McArthur Pvt Killed 16 Oct 1781
Archibald Smith Pvt
Donald McLellan (Sr) Pvt
Colin Campbell Pvt
John McDonald 1 Pvt Sick 1780-Deserted 9 May 1783
John McDonald 2 Pvt Sick 1780
Archibald McLerran (Sr) Pvt Deserted 9 May 1783
John McLean Pvt
Daniel Smith Pvt
Duncan Cameron Pvt From the Regiment 26 Mar 1780
John McDermond Pvt
Duncan Campbell Pvt
John McIntyre (Jr) Pvt Deserted 9 May 1783
John Gilmour Pvt
 David Ferguson Pvt
Peter Campbell Pvt Died 16 Nov 1781
John McArthur Pvt
Robert Brown Pvt
James Lawson Pvt
Archibald McLean Pvt
John McDonald 3 Pvt
Angus Campbell Pvt
Donald McFarlane Pvt
Donald Morrison Pvt
Donald Campbell Pvt Sick-Died 17 Aug 1780
David Dun Pvt
Donald McLean (Jr) Pvt
Norman McKinven Pvt
Hugh Bowman Pvt Died 20 Jan 1780
Archibald Campbell Pvt Died 26 Dec 1779
John Freebairn Pvt Died 5 Apr 1780
John McEachern Pvt Died 20 Apr 1780
Hugh McDougall Pvt Discharged 2 July 1780
Donald Cameron Pvt Returned from Reg 26 Mar 1780
Archibald McLerran (Jr) Pvt Returned from Reg 26 Mar 1780-Died 15 Nov 1782
William Fraser Pvt ? on 10 April 1780
Malcom Grant Pvt ? on 10 April 1780
John Donald Pvt Deserted 9 May 1783
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