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    All are period images.
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  • Details of the highland uniform from period images. -
    (Updated Jan 2014!)

    Light company officer of the 73rd Higlanders
    Private collection


    Flank company officer early in the war. Said to a member of the 74th.
    Oil on canvas

    Collection of the Scottish United Services Museum

    Lt. Maclean of the Battalion Company, 74th Highlanders. Watercor on ivory.

    Private Collection

    Lieutenant-General Montgomerie in the uniform of the 77th Higlanders,
    Oil on canvas by Coply.

    Collection of the National Museum of Scotland.

    Detail of privates.

    An officer of the 84th Higlanders,
    Oil on canvas.

    Collection of Parks Canada.

    A private of the 84th Higlanders,
    Watercolor on paper.

    Collection of Parks Canada.

    Archibald Montgomerie of the 78th Higlanders,
    Oil on canvas.

    By Sir Joshua Reynolds.

    An officer the 71t Higlanders,
    Ivory miniature.

    Private Collection

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